World War Hulk #1

World War Hulk #1

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: John Romita Jr.

Cover by: David Finch 

Released: June 13, 2007 

During the event of civil war the Hulk was shot into space with the help of Iron Man, Black Blot, Docter Strange, and Mr Fantasic, Hulk landed in a planet named skarr. He lived there peacefully with his wife intel they destroyed it as well. Now he’s coming home and he’s bringing Hell with him. This double sized issue was really good for a first issue. In this issue we see hulk kinda fight Black Bolt. He deafts him, we actually don’t get to see how but none the less of that he goes to earth and starts fighting Iron Man. Everything was going good for Iron Man he was wining intel he got the Hulk really mad and that’s when hulk starts wining. 

This was a great issue put they her very well. The art work by Romita was excellent as well. I would rate this issue a 8.5/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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