Silk #3

Silk #3 

Written by:  Robbie Thompson 

Art by: Stacey Lee

Cover by: David Johnson 

Released: April 29, 2015

It’s looking more and more like Silk got more than just spider-powers from that spider-bite and that maybe the ol’ Parker Luck isn’t so much genetic as it is a side-effect of super-powers! How else does one explain Cindy Moon already having her very own arch-nemesis? This issue is an action-heavy one, with Silk dispatching her first aggressor without much effort, but the second one: the hardened veteran Black Cat, gives a great deal more trouble, fighting her to a stand-still. There’s also a greater theme running through the issue, and it’s one that’s also being touched on in the latest run of SPIDER-WOMAN: consequences in super-villain lives. There’s a lot of talk about a lack of consequence in genre fiction, particularly in movies like Man of Steelor The Avengers, and it’s a theme that’s been running through comics for awhile as well. This issue doesn’t so much touch upon the results of mass destruction, but more the results of a few bad decisions ruining someone’s life and how, often with the way society is set up, it leads to more bad decisions being necessary. Robbie Thompson’sgot a great ear for writing sharp, compelling dialog that goes a long way to establishing characters without filling each and every panel with text.

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2 thoughts on “Silk #3

  1. I thought “Cat Fight” was a bit cringey though. Although it shocked me that Alicia is faster than Cindy, especially considering Cindy is faster than Peter. Am I missing something about her luck powers?


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