All New Hawkeye #2

All New Hawkeye #2

Written by: Jeff Lamire 

Art by: Roman Perez

Cover by: Roman Perez 

Released: April 8, 2015

Let me get started by saying this issue was amazing!!!!! This issue picks up right after issue one. Clint and Kate are trying to steal some weapons that the bad guys have we don’t know what it is but we know it was some kind of an experiment on some little kids. The 3 little kids (Two boys and one girl) have some kind of weird powers and they look like Frankenstein zombies. Both clint and Kaye decided to take them home.

This issue was amazing. One of the things I liked is that we keep Geting to see Clints past history and how there step dad I believe hits them so they run away but every thing that we see in the past relates to what’s happining in his life right now. That one of the reasons I liked the previous series of hawkeye because we got to see his past and on top of that we could relate to him and think about how some of the stuff happens to him happens to us too. The art work is amazing too it’s just like the previous series although I do like the previous series a little bit better. One of the pictures that really stood out is when Clints dad is getting his ass handing to him by the circus leader but in all I would rate this issue a 9/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling.  


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All New Hawkeye #1

For a book with just “HAWKEYE” in the title, we do have other characters that have gone by that name. Along with Clint Barton, we also have the (thankful) return of Kate Bishop. We get some beautiful flashback scenes with Clint’s brother, Barney, as well. In some ways it’s like we’re getting two books in one. The action in the present with Clint and Kate gives us some big fun action as they go up against a horde of HYDRAagents. Lemire has perfectly captured their voices and characteristics while also making it his storytelling. It’s not just simple fun since they’re in a pretty dangerous situation and Clint’s known for getting in over his head.

With the book opening with the flashback part, we get to see more on the relationship between Clint and Barney. As you may be aware, they did not have the best childhood. Despite Ramón Pérez handling the art for the entire issue, we have colors by Pérez and Ian Herring. There’s obviously a noticeable difference but both parts look fantastic. I’ve mentioned before how changes in art in a single issue usually causes a distraction but it’s a welcomed difference here between the past and the present. The art work was pretty good but not as good as the previous series. I don’t like the artwork when the flash backs happend. It just isn’t my style I guess,But in all I give it a solid 7/10. We are still waiting for hawkeye 22 and that’s the last issue of that series. So stay tuned and as always keep on marveling!

Hawkeye #21

This issue just as the previous is amazing! In this issue we have Clint Barton (btw when he got stabbed from the previous issues he went deaf but didn’t die) Barney, and the residents of the apartment are fighting for there homes against the organized crime group and that’s what the whole issue is really about but don’t get me wrong it was an exciting battle. Barney is on the roof because he’s on a wheel chair and can’t really move. Clint gets hit by a bat and gets knocked out. They also have Barney. Clint manages to escape from the bromafia only to see his brother get stabbed. I don’t know of his brother died or not but at the very end of the issue Clint’s dog shows up at the top of the roof. This probably means that Kate is back. I would rate this book a 9/10 thats all for today as as always keep on marveling.

Hawkeye #20

In all this issue was pretty good as Kate finds out some interesting stuff about her dad. This book leaves you wanting to read the next issue. It’s exciting and a plot twist as well and the artwork is just amazing, really well done. This issue starts at the ending, it’s one of those issues where they keep shifting timelines reveling stuff each time. I just love those types of issues. Fraction has done a phenomenal job at telling Kate’s adventure in L.A. In all I would grade this book an A- or a 9/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.

Hawkeye #15

This issue opens up with Clint Barton with his pants down. The Russian mob is trying to force him into a van as usual there is always good comedy in this book bro (The magic trick) lucky for Clint his older brother Barney just recently moved in with him. He helps his brother beat the living crap out of the them. The Russian mob is trying to take over Clints apartment and will do anything to get it. The end of the comic is a cliff hanger, grill’s killer appears again. He is hiding behind a door with one of Clints arrow. Clint opens the door and…. Read the issue to find out what happens.

The art work of this issue is just phenomenal. This book will want you wishing you had the next issue. I would rate this comic a 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling.

Hawkeye #13

Matt Fraction and David Hollingsworth have done it again. This series just gets better and better. This book is the aftermath of the killing of grills. As we all know someone killed him while he was grilling. Clint thinks that the reason they killed grill is because of him. He also gets a phone call from his brother telling him that he is coming to visit. Clint is depressed and gets drunk for the night. The next day some cops show up at his apartment asking him some question about the murder of grills. After that Kate Helps him get ready for Grills funeral. When they get into the car Kate starts to tell Clint how she’s always going to be there for him no matter what but as we al know Clint he falls asleep while she is telling him that. They get to the funeral and give Grills there respect. He later goes home and meets his brother Barney they hug and talk about stuff. He introduces his brother to his neighbors while they are talking to Barney, Clint goes of by himself to catch some air.

This book was really good and sad as it reminded us about the death of our beloved friend Grills. I would rate this book a 7/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.

Hawkeye #12

“Hawkeye” has, since its inception almost a year ago, easily been one of the best, funniest, sharpest and most innovative superhero books to come out of the big two in — well, just about ever. With “Hawkeye” 12, Matt Fraction and guest artist Francesco Francavilla prove that there are still plenty of surprises to come and room to grow.

A restrained story in many ways, but with strong emotional beats, this is the second issue in as many months that doesn’t even star Clint — that’s two books in a row where a book called “Hawkeye” barely showed a guy (or gal) named Hawkeye. After last month’s ground-breaking, gorgeous mostly silent issue featuring the beloved Pizza Dog, Fraction and a precise Francavilla bring a tale of Hawkeye’s youth, told through the eyes of his older brother, Barney.

Credit where credit’s due, Fraction handles some potentially cliché material (drunk abusive father, dead parents) with exceptionally smooth writing, and part of that is a lack of over writing, allowing Francavilla’s powerful imagery to speak for itself. As a result, the issue never feels cloying or overly sentimental despite the subject matter. In fact, when contrasted with Barney Barton in present day, it all fits together beautifully. Fraction finds small but important ways to show the similarities and differences between Clint and Barney, the kind of things that make for diverging adults, and the aspects that define individuals for good or ill. Fraction is smart to focus on more than just the tragedy of a troubled past, instead drawing readers into Clint’s complicated relationship with his brother — a relationship full of nostalgia and disappointment, failures and gratitude, love and pain. That hug on the final page is painstakingly and yet effortlessly earned.

As always I love the art work done for this book I love that for once Hawkeye was not the star in the book but his older brother. I would rate this book a 7/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.

Hawkeye #9

Clint is just having a bad day. Not only is he a marked man by the Russian mob, but he is also having some lady problems. In this issue, we are shown the ladies in the life of Hawkeye: Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Mockingbird. On top of them, his fling Darlene once again needs his help.

Unfortunately for Clint, Darlene asks for his help with a kiss, which happened to be in front of all three of the aforementioned ladies at the Avengers mansion. Darlene’s actions get Clint broken up with Spider-Woman, and forces Black Widow to track Darlene down to figure out what Clint has been up to. Also if breaking up with his girlfriend wasn’t bad enough, Mockingbird hands over some divorce papers.

The only people still on Clint’s side are his under-study Kate and his neighbor Gil, or should I say Grills? Speaking of Grills, his presence in the series has come to end in a shocking cliffhanger, which introduces the “Clown.” I am not sure what this “Clown” is up to, but he doesn’t seem to be in the mood for making jokes.

This is yet another great book with great art work. It shows the normal problems that Clint has when he isn’t an avenger. It shows he’s personal life. I would rate this book a 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling

Hawkeye #5

I’m not reviewing the previous issues of hawkeye because they where not very interesting but I will try to review as much as I can. The first panel of the comic treats us to a Clint Barton flying through a window while his hands and feet are tied down to a chair. For some odd reason this series is starting to feel like a 007 film with the situation Clint continues to find himself in. Fraction quickly back tracks a few seconds before on the next set of panels revealing how Clint ended up flying through the window in the first place. Hint hint killer ninjas. As Clint tumbles to his death Agent Hill from S.H.I.E.L.D manages to scoop up Clint mid air with something that resembles a flying motorcycle. Katie Bishop is finally busted for impersonating Madame Masque during all the commotion. With the real Madame Masque back in control of her criminal organization she orders to capture Clint and bring him in. With Clint being the 007 kind of guy that he is he manages to free Katie which leads into a full on brawl with ninjas, A.I.M, and Hydra to name a few. Kate and Clint manage to escape just barely with Clint waking up in a hospital to Katie, Agent Hill, and Nick Fury. After some discussion among the four the mystery behind the “Tape” is revealed to Katie which has a nice twist to it all.

“simple yet powerfully addicting.”
Matt Fraction has in five issues put together a series that is so simple yet powerfully addicting. Hawkeye #5 is perfectly balanced between its action and story telling making the issue a perfect wrap up for Hawkeye’s first two part story. Fraction has gone on record saying all of following stories will be told in one or two issue parts which is a perfect set up with how the series is working. I am still trying to figure out if theirs some sort of love interest building up between Kate and Clint which I would love to see! Kate risked her life by infiltrating Madame Masque’s criminal organization just to make sure Clint would be ok after he instructed her not to get involved. Matt Fraction has done a wonderful job with Clint and Kate’s chemistry with how well they can play off of each other. They are the perfect archery duo.

Javier Pulido does a fantastic job nailing the series art style which closely resembles David Aja’s. Pulido even manages to capture a a Kirby style panel during a fight scene which I loved! David Aja did get to do the cover which I loved with the shattered bloodly tape. I believe Aja will do all future covers even when he’s not on interior art duties for the particular issue. Pulido did a great job on the Tape parts 1 & 2.

I would rate this book. 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep marveling