Age of Ultron: TV Spot

Another trailer? Yes another trailer by marvel I mean c’mon you don’t have to give us another trailer I’m already going to watch it at the theaters. Go and check it out here tell me what you think about it and as always keep on marveling

Age of Ultron: Avenger 12.1

Okay so I said I wouldn’t read this series intel I finished the civil war series but I couldn’t resist. I read the first book to Age of Ultron and I got to say it was really good. It was a really good hook for the story. It’s starts of by Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) flying to a place were SWORD got high alien signatures. She finally gets to the place only to be caught by a group of villains. A SWORD agent meats the Avengers at stark tower and tells them if they can help her find Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) the Avengers go to the cave where Spider-Woman was. Mean while the villains are asking Spider-Woman how she found them. They later tell her that they have this thing called SpaceNight, she warns them that the Avengers are coming but they don’t listen. In the other room MODAK, Kragoff and many more villains have Ultron witch I’m guessing they where referring to him as SpaceNight (Ultron is powered of) right then the avengers come and start fighting. While they are fighting Ultron turns on, Thor hits him in the face with his hammer only causing a really big explosion and letting him escape. Iron Man is trumped at what his eyes saw. His other teammates tell him that it’s going to be okay but he explains that Ultron is not some ordinary villain he is the smartest robot ever and when he comes out again it will only be because it will be the start of an apocalypse. That’s all for today and as always keep on marveling

Civil War: Heroes For Hire 3

This book was quite exciting. The Heroes for hire where going over to talk with cap. When it was actually a set up by Paladin to take Cap. He throws some gas grenades and captures cap. Or did he? What actually happened was while the gas grenades went of Chi-master made a counter attack on paladin saving Cap. Cap changed suits with paladin making it look like Cap was Paladin and Paladin as Cap. Later on the team figures out that the villains have found a way to have shape-shifting powers this way the the Registration Act is no longer a problem for them. The Heroes For Hire promise Iron Man that they would take care of the problem. That’s all for today and as always keep on marveling

X-Men Television Series Comformed

Last year rumors started to pile up about an X-Men TV show and at long last FOX has conformed that they will be producing an X-men series. Fox has the rights to X-men but marvel owns them so they had to have a good reason to make a TV series. We yet don’t know what the TV show will be about but I’m sure it will be good. They have started to make the TV show but are still at the early stages. You can expect the series to come out anytime from 2016-2017 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling

Age of Ultron: The Complete Event

I finally got “Age of Ultron: The Complete Event” and all tie ins so I will be updating you guys every time I read. I probably won’t start reading it intel I finish “Civil War” but who knows maybe I Might start before. My goal is to finish it before the actual marvel movie comes out in May (check out my other post to see all the movies marvel has listed intel 2019) that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling.

Cosplay Friday: The Avengers

The Mon Elisa

First introduced by Marvel in 1963, The Avengers was Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s superheroic response to the success of DC Comics’ Justice League of America.

In the original comic the founders of the superhero team were Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant–Man, and The Wasp who came together to defeat the evil god Loki. The 2012 live–action Avengers movie loosely based on Marvel’s The Ultimates (2002) comic book series had a different core group adding Captain America and Nick Fury to the team and replacing Ant–Man and The Wasp with Hawkeye and Black Widow.


Unlike other Marvel teams The Avengers are not mutants fighting for equal rights or a family of Four who met with unexpected effects after a mission in space. The movie version of The Avengers is a government sponsored elite team of skilled warriors, a Super SWAT team led by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s…

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