Captain America Castaway in dimension Z #1

Captain America Castaway in dimension Z #1

Written by: Rick Rememder 

Art by: John Romita Jr.

Released: November 12, 2012

This issue starts off by Captain America trying to stop a Kree from crash Landing an airplane into New York City. After all this he goes to the subway with Sharon and he gets captured by Arnim Zola and is in a place called dimension Z. Zola is trying to take out the Super-Soldier Serum but he fails and Captain America escapes. Cap is stuck in a place with no allies or friends. What is he going to do? I thought this issue was ok. Not really a strong first issue. One thing I didn’t like was that sometimes it was hard to understand what cap was trying to say in his thoughts but other than that it was great. Art work was good as well as the plot. We also get to see a little bit of his love life with Sharon, I thought that was a good move. I would rate this issue a 7/10. Thats all for this issue and as always keep on Marveling!!