Thor #1

This book got me in a sad mood but don’t get me wrong it was a really good read. This book starts off by Thor trying to lift up his hammer which is at the moon. His family visits him because he has been there for days without sleep. Nick furry whispered something to the hammer making Thor drop the hammer and not being able to lift it up. Mean while Melekith is looking for something in the see with the help of the biggest frost giants. Thor comes and tries to stop the attack but with out his hammer he is vulnerable and gets his arm cut off. After all this happens a girl that is still on the moon says “There must always be a Thor” and picks up the hammer. This book was very interesting. I don’t know about the battle or what nick furry whispered to the hammer but reading previous books will help. I loved this book and would rate it a 8/10 the art work was amazing as well. That’s all for today and as alway keep on marveling.