Darth Vader #1

Darth Vader #1

Written by: Kieron Gillen

Art by: Salvador Larroca

Cover by: Adi Granov 

Released: February 11, 2015

DARTH VADER is here and this is a series you have to read. Vader can be a complex character especially since he doesn’t openly convey what he’s thinking. He’s definitely a man of little words with his actions speaking volumes. Kieron Gillen does a stellar job allowing readers to connect with the dark figure without compromising who and what he’s all about. The art and colors by Salvador Larroca and Edgar Delgado captures the vibe required to push the story and character forward. Gillen is setting up some great story threads. Even if you never thought you needed to know what Vader was up to in between Episodes IV and V, you’ll discover that it is something you’ll want to see. If you’ve been wondering if this series will grab your interest, you can almost hear Vader saying, “I have you now.” This series is worthy of Darth Vader’s greatness.

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