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As you guys know I finished reading the civil war series giving me a lot more room for me to read more books here is a list of the books and series I will be reading. I also currently finished reading Hawkeye there isn’t any new issues yet but when they come out I’ll make sure to read them

•Captain marvel
•Age of Ultron
•Avengers vs X-men
•Hawkeye (currently done with all)
•Spider-Verse (Don’t know when I will start though)

•Hulk vs Thanos
•Spider-Man 2099
•Ucanny Avengers
•Thor 2015
•Deadpool ( don’t know when I will start)
•Guardians of the galaxy and X-Men the Black Vortex.                                                     

I also want to start reading some type of captain America but with the original cap (Steve Rogers) if you guys have any suggestion please comment


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  1. I just finished spider verse, sort of the epilogue is out next week, if I may make a suggestion, since that is the newest of all the series you want to talk about maybe start there (even though Black Vortex is just starting), at the same time Spiderman 2099 ties in with it, although that is not until a few issues in.

    Also with Infinity, if you do not read any of the avengers and new avengers comics you miss a lot. Personally I did not and was rather confused, but someone I know said that you need to read all the series that are in the order since the tie-ins are important.


  2. That’s actually really nice to know about Spider-Man 2099 and Black Vortex and yes tie ins are really important to read!! They help you understand the series better. Thats why it took me so long to read the civil war series because of all the tie ins but yea I always make sure to read the tie ins. Thanks for the info. I got one question do you know where to start on for captain America?? Like I said I want to read about the original cap (Steve Rogers) if you can help me with that, that would be grate!!


  3. Unfortunately no, I do not know where to start for Captain America. I have been reading All New Captain America, even though I wanted to get into it, I never did. If it was Spiderman related I could tell you as long as it happened after 700. Also if it is Uncanny Avengers, not the new issues that just started but issues 1-25.

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  4. To get to know spider verse, start for issue 1 of 2014 series, since it brings up Silk, a major character in spider verse and it builds up the events leading to spider verse.
    I did not read any of the new uncanny avengers, but if you were going to read Axis, the first series of Uncanny avengers is super important to know what leads up to that, specifically the first arc and the last arc. So, when it comes to series coming out now I am only involved in Spiderman and All new Captain America.

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