Hawkeye #21

This issue just as the previous is amazing! In this issue we have Clint Barton (btw when he got stabbed from the previous issues he went deaf but didn’t die) Barney, and the residents of the apartment are fighting for there homes against the organized crime group and that’s what the whole issue is really about but don’t get me wrong it was an exciting battle. Barney is on the roof because he’s on a wheel chair and can’t really move. Clint gets hit by a bat and gets knocked out. They also have Barney. Clint manages to escape from the bromafia only to see his brother get stabbed. I don’t know of his brother died or not but at the very end of the issue Clint’s dog shows up at the top of the roof. This probably means that Kate is back. I would rate this book a 9/10 thats all for today as as always keep on marveling.