Silver Surfer #1

Silver Surfer #1

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Mike Allerd

Cover by: Mike Allred 

Released: April 2, 2014

Dan Slott and Michael Allred are steering this ship, and they do so with ease. The Silver Surfer story feels light, almost weightless. It’s cruises through these pages with a careless swagger that you have to respect. It’s just a fun romp that features bizarre aliens and huge, city-covered planets. Silver Surfer is journeying through space, trying to do good deeds in order to make up for all the bad ones he did while in the service of Galactus. The story also involves a young lady from Earth who, thanks to a childhood wish, appears to be closely tied to the Surfer and his fate. It’s easy and breezy from start to finish. Slott openly compared it to Doctor Who, but with the art and whimsical nature of the storytelling, Doctor Seuss might be a better comparison.

Allred’s art is a great fit for the tone of this issue. Coupled with the eye-popping colors of Laura Allred, Silver Surfer #1 is a swirl of bright, slick images. It’s fluid, flowing from scene to scene, panel to panel. Fans of Allred’s work will find a lot to love here, as this,the alien worlds of space seems to wonderfully suit their style. It’s perfect, but it’s tons of fun, and absolutely captivating. The double-page spread that reveals a giant city is a show stopper, for sure. It’s goofy, intricate and gorgeous.