New Avengers: Age of Ultrion TV spot 

Marvel just uploaded this new tv spot for the movie, never before seen footage of the movie. This movie is going to be freaking amazing!! I just can’t wait anymore!  Check out the link here

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Avengers: Age of Ultron clips 

These 2 Clips that marvel have put up are just amazing!! And they are getting me hyped up fr the movie only about 2 weeks left Intel the movie comes out. Check out the clips here

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Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer 3 broken down 

so today we will brake down the trailer and see what is really going on. 

Here we have the twins. If you can remember in Captain America: the Winter Soldier we saw them at the very end of the movie. Does ultron find them and free them? Is that why they are with ultron? Do they feel the need to repay him back for freeing them?? 

In this trialer Ultron states that the only way to find peace is extinction. Sounds great right!! And even better if you are a human. Maybe that’s why Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch change sides after they figure out what Ultron really is. 

As we see here Stark Tower is no more. Now it’s the Avenger’s Tower. Is this the place where Ultron is born? Chances are it probably is. This is also the place where the earths mightiest heroes hang out, kick back and have some fun. 

Captain America says he’s “sick of watching people pay for our mistakes.” You know what this means!! Civil war. Originally in the comic books Iron Man is the one Who is helping with the Registration Act but it kinda looks like captain America is going to be the one,but who knows. I really hope they stay to the comics and nail it ,or else they will just ruin a really good series. Almost forgot,Spider-Man will be in Civil War. He plays a major role in the Civil war so like I said I hope they stick to the comic books. 

In this shot we see Bruce Banner and Natosha Romanoff getting really close. In the last trailer we saw they were having some kind of romance going on. Will they be lovers in the future?

What the heck is this? This looks like Wolverine’s claws ha ha Ha. Could Wolverine be in this movie? absolutely not,although the idea of it would be great,But what is this claw looking thing? Maybe it’s Hawkeye’s new bow.

In this picture we have all the avengers and they look pretty cool if you ask me. Just look at Hawkeye! #squadgoals

Iron Man is holding Loki’s Spear,what for is the question. Will this be thier salvation?? Or will Ultron brake it befor e they Can actually use it? How will this help the Avengers? Can this be what gives life to Vision I have my money on that one the most!

After the event of Hydra trying to take over, Nick fury hides ,but it is great to see that he finally comes out ,and stops hiding to help the avengers out because they need some help even though they got some experience Nick is the “Go to guy” because he has the most experience.

The Avengers find out where the Twins are hiding is this the place where Ultron is hiding too? Or not im guessing this is the same place where Quicksilver Punches Captain America.

As we can clearly see Ultron is not made of Adamantium. We can see that caps shield gets stuck in his chest later it falls to the ground and black widow picks it up says do I always have to clean up after you boys? 

Hulk is still having some raging problems. We see Hulk and Iron Man fighting again.

Captain America gets punched by Quicksilver probably because he was off guard. 

Thor is getting mad at Tony as well. Why is it that everyone gets mad at Tony Stark ha ha ha. Will Thor be in Civil War? In the comics he’s never in the Civil War but who knows maybe he will be. 

Thor says “is that all you got” Ultron laughs and sends another wave of Ultrons. How big is Ultrons army? 

We can see that Scarlet witch is helping them fight in this scene. Where is Quicksilver is he running around helping them out? Where could he be?

Vision! We finally get to see a glimpse of vision and I hope it stays that way I hope they save the vision for the actual movie and not reveal him in the trailers.

Check out the trailer early right here have fun!