Secret Wars #1

Secret Wars #1

Written by: Jonathen Hickman 

Art by: Esad Ribic 

Cover by: Alex Ross

Released: May 6, 2015 

Secret Wars issue one was just amazing! It’s just crazy what’s happening right now. As we all know if both the worlds collide they get destroyed but if one explodes the other one does too because of the explosion of the first one. The 616 marvel universe and ultimate universe fight desperately to save their worlds but as we all know none of them survive. 

As of right now only hand full of super heroes are alive its just crazy to realize that basically everyone is dead right now. Go read the issue to find out who is still alive!! In all I would rate this issue a 9/10 the art work was amazing as well the plot. That’s all for this issue and always keep on marveling. 

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