Daredevil #1

daredevil #1 

Written by: Make Waid 

Art by: Chris Samnee

Cover by: Chris Samnee

Released: March 19, 2014 

The story opens, not with Matt acting as a lawyer, but more as a detective, in a way. This is a fascinating aspect of Daredevil’s powers. He would be a brilliant crime scene investigator. We’ve caught the occasional glimpse of Matt using his powers to find clues but we get a fun scene seeing how Matt can fully analyze all the clues.

What do we get for his first case back in San Francisco? It starts off as a simple one but Waid quickly turns the tables on Daredevil and the readers. There ends up being more to it than was thought and seeing Daredevil quick on his feet is pretty cool. Of course he gets some help as well. This is a little odd at first but it’s a sign of maturity on Matt’s part, being willing and able to ask for help rather than try to do it all completely on his own.

This first issue of Daredevil was pretty good. It was easy for new readers to jump in and for established readers to join In as well. The artwork was also pretty good so in all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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