Deadpool kills Deadpool #3

Deadpool kills Deadpool #3

Written by: Cullen Bun

Art by: Salvador Espin 

Cover by: Michael Del Mundo 

Released: September 4, 2013

Two warring armies of Deadpools have been assembled to ensure either the destruction or salvation of all existence and last issue left us with the reveal of the ever ravenous Galactipool. Bunn’s impressive tale of meta-awareness and multiverses has allowed a lot of Deadpool’s trademark humor to return to what has actually been a fairly dour series (though an extremely well-written one) and the absurdity has been brought to epic levels as we see a veritable legion of different Deadpools clash. 

Lady Deadpool leads the charge as a Watcher that watches ONLY Deadpools breaks his vow of non-interference (cause seriously, what ELSE do Watchers do but break their vows?). Bunn has done a great job actually giving all these seemingly carbon-copy characters their own voices and personalities and even done an admirable job creating some legitimately dramatic and emotional moments. We see LadyPool give up her life to save the rest of the Deadpools which was sad. In all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!

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