Secret Wars #3

Secret Wars #3

Written by: Jonathen Hickman 

Art by: Esad Ribic 

Cover by: Alwx Ross 

Released: Jun 3, 2015 

Jonathan Hickman seems to be very calculating in terms of how much information he reveals about the nature and origin of Battleworld and when he reveals new information. Where issue #1 explored the final hours of the Marvel and Ultimate Universes and issue #2 offered a sweeping view of Battleworld and its various domains and barons, issue #3 takes a more inward focus. Here Hickman finally reacquaints readers with the surviving refugees of the old universes and offers a closer glimpse at God King Doom himself.

Now that he’s more than just a silent monolith sitting on the Wooden Throne of Yggdrasil, Doom immediately becomes the most compelling figure in the book. Hickman has always written a great Doom, dating back to one of his very first Marvel stories, the 2009 tale “…And I’ll Get the Land” from Dark Reign: The Cabal. Hickman just gets Doom – his bravado, his boundless ambition and ego, and the tragic man that lurks beneath that suit armor. All of these qualities are drawn into focus in this issue. Doom’s interactions with his sheriff, Doctor Strange, and his consort, Susan Storm, shed a great deal of light on what motivates the lord of Battleworld and how godhood has changed him.

This issue does no less than suggest that Doom may be the real protagonist of Secret Wars. He’s certainly not the villain of the story. He succeeded where the Avengers failed and built an entire world that keeps the fires of existence burning. He shows a genuine love for his subjects, even if he considers himself far above them. But most of all, he remains deeply flawed and troubled despite his seemingly unlimited power. While firm in his belief that God Doom is right and good, he remains haunted by the frailty and weakness of Victor von Doom. Hickman manages to portray the character simultaneously and his most grandiose and his most human. In all I would rate this issue an 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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