Battleworld Inhumans Attilan Rising (Secret Wars)

Battleworld Inhumans Attilan Rising (Secret Wars)

Written by: Charles Soule 

Art by: John Timms 

Cover by: Dave Johnson 

Released: May 27, 2015 

The non-Inhuman characters in Attilan Rising are handled well. There’s a gangster Ghost Rider who wouldn’t look out of place in a weird, twisted Goodfellas, and the Hulk who serves as the opening threat is handled very well. The Inhumans that we do spend time with are just as great as well, and we find Medusa, Manhattan’s Regent, getting along with Doom in a short but effective exchange. 

The book itself seems to have slipped under the radar in regards to other Secret Wars tie-ins coming out this week but one thing’s for sure is that Inhumans: Attilan Rising is probably one of the best, and serves as a quality new addition to the vast amount of Marvel’s titles on shelves right now. In all I would rate this issue an 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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