Silk #3 

Silk #3

Written by: Robbie Thompson 

Art by: Stacey Lee

Cover by: Dave Johnson 

Released: May 13, 2015

What a roller coaster ride Cindy Moon’s been on for the last three issues. Between breaking out on her own, trying to forge a life and find her family’s whereabouts, there’s barely been time to breathe and take in the sights of New York! Or find out exactly why Moon’s powers seem to be on the fritz. But thanks to some friendly-neighborhood Spider-Snooping, she’s now in the hands of the Marvel Universe’s foremost authority on all things superpowered. And basically all things in general. But Reed Richards’ diagnosis proves unexpected and unexpectedly real. Robbie Thompson gives the feeling of writing from real experience with a topic that’s sensitive without being too touchy: 

anxiety. Portrayed about as accurately as things like depression or gunfights in popular culture, Thompson begins a slow journey through Cindy’s mental process of deciding whether or not she’s got anxiety despite the fact that she doesn’t perceive herself as “an anxious person.” Oh and there’s a date with the ever-dreamy Johnny Storm in the mix as well. Thompson keeps the dialog light and witty, but weaves in plenty of serious undertones that can easily be dealt with later, and of course leaves on an eyebrow raising moment that’s sure to have some dire consequences. In all I would rate this issue a 7.5/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling 

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