Howard the Duck #3

Howard the Duck #3

Written by: Chip Zdarsky 

Art by: Joe Quinones 

Cover by: Jason Latour 

Released: May 13, 2015 

Chip Zdarsky’s brash, “it-shouldn’t-be-funny-but-it-is” sense of humor shines in the script and the various situations presented in this issue. Last issue, we were left with a weirdly funny cliffhanger; a character that we never thought we’d see committing a crime sticking up Howard. This issue continues immediately after and develops into something more ridiculous involving a lot more senior citizens.

The jokes come flying at you every page, yet it doesn’t become overbearing… sometimes. There’s a ridiculous story here that’s enjoyable, yet at times it feels as if it’s there only to service the punchline. It’s a little disappointing because Howard and his friends (She-Hulk is the best friend anyone could ever have) have had great development, but it takes a bit of a back seat a little too early in this run, but overall it doesn’t bring the issue down.
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