Hulk #4

Hulk #4

Written by: Mark Waid 

Art by: Mark Bagley 

Cover by: Mark Bagley 

Released: June 11, 2014 

It’s clear Hulk is outclassed by this new version of his longtime foe, the Abomination, but when his friends are in danger, you can bet the titan will rise to the occasion to take on any obstacle. Mark Waid hit us with an exciting cliffhanger in the last issue and I’m happy to report it’s given a fairly awesome follow-up. Mark Bagley(pencils), Andrew Hennessy (inks), and Jason Keith (colors) create a splash page that’s sure to make most Hulk fans cheer — I know I sure did. It’s a great compliment to the last issue’s final page, and the rest of the madness and destruction is where this visual team really shines. They do a proper job letting us know how vicious and chaotic a fight between these characters should be.

 The panels are never laid out in a creative way, but the fight never feels static and flows well from hit to hit. It’s impactful and downright brutal in a few moments. Truthfully, there’s some panels which feel a little rushed compared to the rest (mostly when there’s several characters involved in a mid-shot), but the visuals are consistent for the most part and I’m an especially big fan of how the hero in San Francisco is brought to life. In all I would rate this issue an 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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