Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #8

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #8

Written by: Al Ewing 

Art by: Luke Ross

Cover by: Luke Ross 

Released: May 13, 2015 

Writer Al Ewing had a tough job to pull off here in this issue. He had to have the events leading to the final incursion explained to the Mighty Avengers characters without being derivative to readers, had to tie the issue in with the team’s appearance in the Time Runs Out story, and had to capture the feelings of individual characters as they learned that the Illuminati left them out of their grand plans.

For the most part Ewing succeeds in tying together these elements to create a worthy tie-in issue. I say for the most part, because it’s hard at this point to hear Steve Rogers give the Mighty Avengers lineup a rundown of what had been happening in New Avengers over the past few years without it sounding like a retread. It’s hard to imagine that readers of this title aren’t at least aware of the incursions and how the Iluminati attempted to stop them. If for some reason it’s all new to you, Ewing does a great job distilling the facts down into digestible chunks. For those readers that have been reading Hickman’s work one of the best parts of this issue will be the reactions of the Mighty Avengers. These reactions are all over the emotional spectrum (pun intended), and in including these characters this issue retroactively helps give more weight to the Time Runs Out story that ran in Hickman’s Avengers titles for the eight months prior to Secret Wars.

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