New Avengers Ultron Forever #1

New Avengers Ultron Forever #1

Written by: Al Ewing 

Art by: Alan Davis

Cover by: Alan Davis 

Released: April 29, 2015

Doom has assembled the strongest Avengers from different moments in time to fight Ultron, but he also has his own team of Avengers, complicating their task. The team from the past consists of The Hulk (yes!), Thor (ultra yes!) and Iron Man (Rhodey, not Tony). The team from the present includes Black Widow and The Vision, and finally we have the team from the future, Thor and Captain America (Danielle Cage).

The mixture of past, present and future works very well, although sometimes it may be a little hard to follow. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Doom and seeing his reactions to the events, (and that ending, wow.) Ultron is a very interesting character and I love reading more about him, especially seeing how he’s represented in this series. He seems quite different to the new Avengers film (which you need to go see if you haven’t yet) and the contrast is quite intriguing. I love the combination of his power and uncaring personality, and even though he’s not the most likeable character, it just makes the story better as you want to see if he will be defeated by the Avengers. In all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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