Secret Wars #2

Secret Wars #2

Written by: Jonathen Hickman 

Art by: Esad Ribic 

Cover by: Alex Ross 

Released: May 14, 2014 

Basically, Secret Wars #2 offers the grand tour of Battleworld as seen through the eyes of one of its newest defenders. Jonathan Hickman kicks off this chapter by introducing readers to the Thors, a legion of thunder gods who enforce the laws of Battleworld and swear fealty to its creator. As a veteran Thor shows his new recruit the ropes, Hickman is able to shine a light on the physical makeup of Battleworld, its political structure, and how all of these new elements fit together.

This approach immediately pays off. Hickman has a lot of world-building to do in this issue. By making this new Thor a stand-in for the reader, Hickman is able to power through a lot of exposition and setup without any of it feeling stilted or unnatural. Compared to the first issue, which threatened to buckle under the weight of so many characters, Secret Wars #2 is a surprisingly clean and simple gateway into this new world. Hickman clearly lays out the rules, the rivalries, and the notion that Doom reigns over all. The result is a book epic in scope and tone. There are many familiar Marvel trappings at play, but often subverted and blended with a distinct fantasy tone.

In many ways, Secret Wars is beginning to read like Marvel’s take on Game of Thrones. There are warring houses all jockeying for the king’s favor. There are conspiracies within and without the castle. There’s even a massive wall where the riffraff of the kingdom are sent to defend the rest of the world from the monstrosities that lay on the other side. It’s a wonder Marvel didn’t play up these similarities more in the marketing of Secret Wars. These Game of Thrones comparisons do a better job of selling the book and giving an idea of what it’s actually about than vague statements like “The Marvel Universe is ending.” There’s simply something enthralling to the idea of Mister Sinister and Captain Britain dueling for the fate of their respective baronies as everyone from Apocalypse to Khonshu looks on. It’s a vibrant world Hickman has built, and suddenly it’s clear why there are so many darned tie-ins for this event. There’s a scope and a breadth to Battleworld that this series, for all its grandeur, can only hint at. 

In all I would rate this issue a 9/10 that’s all for this issue stay tuned for all reviewes based on secret wars and as always keep on marveling. 

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