Ant-Man #5

Ant-Man #5

Written by: Nick Spencer 

Art by: Ramon Rosanas 

Cover by: Mark Brooks 

Released: May 16, 2015 

It’s a battle between Darren Cross andScott Lang! Cross has taken Cassie’s heart and she’s dying. The first half of this issue is a great fight between the hero and the villain. It’s straight-forward stuff and a ton of fun to read because Scott’s narration drives the whole fight. 

I’m really enjoying how Nick Spencer is writing Scott Lang. He’s not a typical hero. He’s looking to make things right with his daughter and just overall redemption for the wrongs he’s committed in his life and this book really nails that aspect. It makes Scott a much more compelling character because, let’s face it, Ant-Man is a character that’s hard to take seriously as a hero and he can’t be presented in the same light as Spider-Man or Captain America, so Spencer takes a great angle in presenting this book which will grip in readers for the long run.

Aside from the fight, Scott has to go inside Cassie, kinda like the movie Innerspace, and help Cassie survive all of this. It almost sounds silly, but once again, the narration drives the moment and it’s actually incredibly touching as it’s really about a father trying to be a father for his child. This first art wraps up exceptionally well.

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