Infinity Gauntlet #4

Infinity Guantlet #4

Written by: Jim Starlin 

Art by: Ron Lin, George Perez 

Released: October 10, 1991

Earth’s heroes have descended upon Thanos is a attempt to defeat his maniacal plots. They are simply no match for Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Mephisto points out that Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer are not engaging in the battle.

Thanos realizes, with the manipulation of Mephisto, that he cannot impress Death with the full abilities of the gauntlet. He must show courage in the face of his enemies. He turns off all the gems power except the Power Gem to even the playing field. He still has limitless power just no cosmic awareness.

Even in the limited state he has placed himself in Earth’s heroes are no match for him but have a better chance. The might of Hulk and Drax are still not enough. Under Captain America’s leadership they seem to have some hope.

The Surfer is growing impatient. Warlock has not yet revealed his plans for the Surfer, so that Thanos cannot steal those plans from his mind.

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