Convergence #4

convergence #4

Written by: Jeff King 

Art by: Stephen Segovia 

Released: April 29 

It would be nice if DC was content to allow Convergence to serve as a celebration of the company’s past and leave it at that. It’s great to see so much pre-New 52 material in play, but this event isn’t putting it to good use. The core mini-series has become little more than a haphazardly executed sequel to Earth 2: World’s End, and as such doesn’t have enough to offer either Earth 2 fans or general DC lovers.

To be fair, Convergence #4 is the strongest chapter of the series so far in terms of the script. That’s not to say it isn’t burdened by the same familiar slate of problems. The dialogue is too often clunky and unwieldy. The narration tends to be excessive at best and completely unnecessary at worst. But certain elements have improved. For one thing, the pace has picked up considerably since the early issues and their setup-obsessed approach. The Earth 2 heroes participate in plenty of action scenes as they escort Deimos and make their way into the hidden city of Skartaris. Finally, these heroes are becoming more active participants in the conflict.

Convergence isn’t seeing much in the way of net gain as it reaches the halfway mark. This issue picks up the pace and fleshes out the lead villain, but the series is still mired in poor dialogue and characterization. Meanwhile, the visual quality only worsens with so many inkers handling one issue. Things aren’t looking bright for the series in Month 2. In all I would rate this issue a 6/10

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