Convergence: Superman #1

Convergence Superman #1

Written by: Dan Jurgens 

Art by: Lee Weeks 

Cover by: Brad Anderson, Lee Weeks 

Released: April 8, 2015

The set up is different cities from different universes have been taken. The citizens have been living under a dome for a year. Those with superpowers have been living without them. Thankfully for Superman, he had Lois Lane by his side. You can imagine the two wouldn’t simply sit around and do nothing, especially when stuck in Gotham City. It’s just another reminder of who these characters are. Of course all this makes sense since it’s Dan Jurgens writing the familiar version.

Things soon start moving towards the main set up, seen in CONVERGENCE #1. As with the other Convergence titles, Superman will find himself up against other versions of his friends and enemies. With the Flashpoint versions showing up, things are going to get a little messy. I’ve only read one Superman Issue besides this one and I can tell you that I like the Pre-New 52 version of Suprman better than the Post-New 52 Superman. In all I would rate this issue a 8.5/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling. 

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