Convergence #3

convergence #3

Written by: Jeff King 

Pencils: Stephen Segovia 

Inks: Jason Paz 

Released: April 22, 2015 

We are 4 issues in and things are starting to drag for me.  As we get closer to the finale, the momentum should increase.  We should be presented with fresh material that makes us eager to see the outcome and engages us in the present.  Instead, we are treated to a rehashing similar to what every preceding issue has delivered thus far.  Our heroes are in a waste land, they fight something, they give it their all, they succeed (or think they do), and then journey on to the next challenge.  To be honest, I’m getting tired of seeing meaningless battles in the middle of nowhere.  The fighting that occurred in this issue felt like it was generated just to give us something to look at.

Along with the “pretty-looking” fights, we are given a hero’s sacrifice that ends up feeling completely hollow and utterly avoidable.  One of our heroes decides to stay behind to give the rest of the party time to escape.  It’s the classic: go on without me/I’ll only slow you down/I’ll buy you time to get away.  While I felt that the sentiment was in the right place, it just felt overly cliche.  I also had a problem with the fact that the threat was not significant enough to warrant a loss of one of the heroes.  Flash alone could have easily dealt with the entirety of the threat.  It’s almost as if it was decided that someone had to die because we are halfway through the story and this is when something like this is supposed to happen according to the user’s guide to writing an epic. In all I would rate this issue a 7.5/10 that’s all for this issue. 

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