Avengers : Dark Ages



Gorgeous.  Breathtaking.  Captivating.  These are adjectives that could be used to describe my self-appointed beauty had the world functioned the way it does in my wildest dreams.  Sadly, I’m writing this post in the waking world, so that’s just not gonna be a thing.  At best, I’m arguably attractive in some 3rd world countries.

These images from Deviant Artist, Daniel Kamarudin (aka theDURRRRIAN), though?  Good Golly, Miss Freakin Molly!  He took the classic Avengers costumes and immersed them in what I can only call a Super-Fantasy Realm of Myth and Magic.  I hope Marvel is paying close attention because I would SO buy a comic book with a story featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going back in time and space for the sheer purpose of donning these Duds from the Dark Ages.  My personal favorite is his take on Scarlet Witch.  The way those hot pink runes float about her just scream Chaos Magic.

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