Operation S.I.N #7

Operation S.I.N #7

Written by: Jason Aaron 

Art by: Mike Deodato Jr. 

Cover by: Julian Totino Tedesco

Released: August 13, 2014 

By now you’re probably aware of some of the changes we’ve seen with Nick Fury. He’s often been a man of mystery but, until now, we had no idea just how secretive he’s been. Despite what we now know, the other heroes are still in the dark over what he’s been up to. This leads to a pretty great fight between the Avengers and Fury…in space. Nick Fury may be “old” now but he still puts up a heckuva fight. What does this mean for the other heroes that were secretly working for Fury? And before you dismiss this fight as your typical hero vs. hero skirmish, there is one hero that will be majorly affected by this battle. 

We also get some flashbacks to the moment that the Watcher was killed. Is this the moment we get all the answers? We do get some but there’s still a lot left to be told in the next and final issue. You can’t help but wonder what else Jason Aaron has up his sleeve.

This issue was good but it feels like this series is not getting better but not getting worse. The artwork was good as always. In all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always kee on marveling. 

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