Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Art by: Salvador Espin 

Cover by: Michael Del Mundo 

Released: August 7, 2013 

Deadpool meets his foe and who is killing off all the Deadpools. In this issue we also get to see two awesome versions of Deadpool. Pandapool and Galactuspool. They are both very awesome. This issue was packed with action and very emotional. In this issue we see Kidpool die as well which I thaught was a bummer. I think they killed off Kidpool and Dogpool too fast. The art work done by Espin is just amazing. This series is turning out to be a really good series. I’m guessing that in the next issue we learn more about Pandapool and Galactuspool. In all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for today and as always keep on marveling!

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