Avengers vs X-Men #12

Avengers vs X-Men #12

Written by: Jason Aaron 

Art by: Adamn Kubert 

Released: October 12, 2012 

Avengers vs. X-Men #12 wraps up the event in the only way it really could have, with the two teams united at last and battling a fully Phoenix-powered Cyclops. With what Marvel has been revealing about the nature of its post-AvX catalog, and with the way most events follow familiar formulas, there aren’t necessarily many surprises to be had in this finale issue. But, as they say, the journey matters more than the destination. Jason Aaron manages to bring the story to a close in an epic way, even if some key areas of the script feel lacking.

Aaron provides a novel structure for this over-sized final chapter. Rather than focusing entirely on the battle with Cyclops and the immediate aftermath of last issue’s death, Aaron breaks up his script with flashbacks to three days before the conflict. These segments do what the series as a whole has regularly struggled with in showcasing Hope and Scarlet Witch. Given how the focus of the conflict shifted so suddenly to Xavier in issue #11, Aaron faced an uphill challenge in moving those two back to the forefront of the conflict. These flashbacks are as elegant a method as any of reminding readers why and how this battle rests on their shoulders. The fact that the two show a bit of a clash of personalities in the build-up to the final battle is a nice extra touch. This issue mirrors AvX #0 and allows both heroines to feel more relevant than they often have in recent months.

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