Deadpool kills Deadpool#1

Deadpool kills Deadpool #1

Written by: Cullen Bun 

Art by: Salvador Espin 

Cover by: Michael Del Mundo 

Released: July 3, 2013 

If you’re a Deadpool fan your going to want to read this mini series and this first issue. This issue starts off with this Deadpool from an alternative universe killing Headpool by putting him in a microwave. We later then see  the Deadpool corps arrive to come and get the Deadpool (From earth 616) while he’s fighting some huge machine just as the team arrive Deadpool starts asking them why they are here but they are in a hury and have no time for questions. We also see two new member of the team which we are not introduced to yet. The Deadpool that killed Headpool arrives as well and starts to attack the team. The Deadpool that killed Deadpool also kills Dogpool and one of the new members of the Deadpool corps. The Deadpool from earth 616 manages to to kill him. The Deadpool corps jump into their spaceship and LadyPool tells Deadpool that there is a war going on.

This issue was really good and a strong start of to the mini series. I was a bit sad that Headpool and Deadpool were killed off so fast but maybe they didn’t die who knows? The artwork is just nice and neat with every stroke. I recommend this issue to any Deadpool fan and let’s not forget this is just the beginning to the mini series. In all I would rate this issue a 9/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!

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