Age of Ultron #9

Age of Ultron #9

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by: Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson

Released: June 5, 2013 

This  issue does pick up significantly once Wolverine ditches the hellish world he created and heads back to clean up his mess. As the cover suggests, Wolverine is forced to confront his own self from several hours ago and prevent him from killing Pym. Luckily, unlike the cover image, the two versions of the character are given separate costumes so as to make the interaction less confusing. What ensues is a tense showdown where one Wolverine fights to save Pym’s life and both struggle to convince the Avenger that Ultron is bad news.

Luckily, Invisible Woman joins in the fracas, and those disappointed that she allowed Pym to be killed in issue #6 will be pleased to see a certain amount of redemption now the the crime has been undone. One thing this script excels at from start to finish is reflecting the full horror of Ultron’s reign in how both Sue and Logan are portrayed. Part of me wishes that Bendis had played up the humor inherent to two time-traveling Wolverines a little, but in the end that approach probably would have felt out of place. Back to the Future this isn’t. This issue had great artwork and I’m glad we focus more on the main topic and not the alternate time line. In all I would rate this issue a 8/10 that’s all for this issue and As always keep on marveling!

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