(AVX) X-Men Legacy #268

X-Men Legacy #268

Written by: Cage 

Art by: Reber 

Released: June 13, 2012 

The devastating blow to this issue is dealt when Gage tries to tie this imagery and character development to larger points about violence and justice. Frenzy plops into the target village, dealing out justice with little more than a quick once-over to determine villains and victims, just like Americans are criticized for doing in real life (as pointed out in Gage’s dialog). However, there’s a contradiction in which violence is both the method of villainy and deliverance in this issue. Frenzy punishes the locals who subscribe to a “might makes right” ethos thanks to her own appreciable might. 

What makes her right then? Well, in this instance, she is clearly defending an innocent from evil, but is there a clear message to be found when it’s still the mightiest warrior who claims to be in the right? Further more, a flashback shows Frenzy committing murder in self-defense. Once again, Gage never defines the violence well enough to show when such extremes are okay and when they aren’t. I can understand trying to cast doubt upon Cyclops’ dictates (and, by extension, American foreign policy), but the messages in this book are too vague in all the most critical ways to inform a reader’s decisions from even an unbiased position. In all I would rate this issue a 7/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!

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