(AVX) Avengers Acadamy #31

Avngers Acadamy #31

Written by: Gage 

Art by: Sotomayor 

Released: June 6, 2012 

On one hand, it’s a little strange to see the characters so quick to call off the battle and forgive Shaw for his recent outbreak of violence. But that becomes moot when the various characters are drawn into another, more comical showdown. It’s a really entertaining way for Gage to cap off the conflict. The Hercules material alone is golden, and I can only hope Herc is destined to stick around these pages for a while. But in terms of more serious matters, Gage delivers some strong character work for Shaw and X-23. 

Any concerns the former was destined for a quick and dirty reversion to his old self are assuaged. By the end of this issue, new relationships are forged and the book’s ongoing cast grows by a character or two. The book was ok not too great in all I would rate this issue a 7/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!