Avengers vs X-Men #5

Avngerd vs X-Men  #5

Written by: Matt Fraction 

Art by: John Romita Jr.

Released: June 6, 2012 

This issue started off real nice. The Avengers are fighting the X-men but time is running out. The Phinox is getting and getting closer to Hope. Tony and Pym make some kind of space thing to try and stop the Phinox. After they try to kill the Phinox they realize that it’s a complete faliure and now the X-Men have a little part of the Phinox in them.

This issue was very intresting because we get to read what Hope is thinking in her mind. I though that was neat. The art work is okay sometimes it looks wierd other times it looked great. In all I would rate this book a 7.5/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!