It bears repeating: Hollywood’s superhero obsession has gotten out of control.


With the coming glut of new superhero movies over the next five years, I see three possibilities. A) The vast majority do well, with some smashing records, with only a few flops here and there. B) The overly saturated market sees quite a few franchises crash and burn, with only established titles (specifically, the MCU and X-men series) surviving. C) The viewing public, domestic and international, just gets fed up with the fad and abandons the genre altogether. Twenty years from now, writers will write joking listicles making fun of the superhero obsession of the early 21st century. (I’m going with B.)

Anyway, here is what we are looking at:

Phew! Here are all the movies given projected dates so far.

Avengers 2: The start of this year’s comics fusilage, and the only sure-thing on this list. An exhausted Joss Whedon departs the MCU after this, and while smart…

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