Silk #1

silk #1

Written by: Robbie Thompson 

Art by: Stacey Lee

cover by: Dave Johnson 

Released: March 18, 2015 

This issue was really good although not much was happining it was a good first issue for the series. This issue gave us an introduction to who is Cindy Moon A.K.A (Silk) Cindy was Bitten by the same radio active spider that Petter Parker was bitten by. Giving her similar powers. Cindy is an intresting person. She talkes about being locked in a bunk for ten years. I’m guessing we will learn more about that in the next issue. Cindy also had a thing with Spider-Man but now they are just friends. I like Silk way better than Spider-Gwen and I like the artwork. The artwork is just splended in every shot. I’m really glad they made Silk her own Series. In this issue Cindy is new to being a hero and saving people so she contacts Spider-Man and we get to see him in this issue as well so that’s a plus. In all I would rate this book a 8.8/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on Marvaling!