Infinity #6

infinity #6

Written by: Jonathen Hickman 

Art by: Jim Cheung 

Cover by: Adam Kubert 

Released: November 27, 2013 

With the builders out of the picture Jonathen can devote the whole issue about battling for earth. This issue is full of memorable moments such as when Thor and Thanos go face to face against eachother. The funny thing is that not even the avengers defeat Thanos but Thanos’ own son stops his madness. This showed us that Thane is more powerful than Thanos could get dream of. This book was a solid good and amazing end the the Infinity series. My favriot part is when the avengers show up to fight Thanos!

like I said before this issue is just packed with memorable moments.  Jim Cheung returns to bookend the series, with a bit of assistance from Dustin Weaver. This arrangement works well enough, as Weaver’s style falls the closest in line with Cheung’s of the entire Infinity art crew. This issue isn’t quite as striking as the first was, mainly because there are several inkers tackling Cheung’s pencils to varying levels of success and clarity. Still, Cheung and Weaver expertly capture all the spectacle and physical of this grand finale. I would rate this book a 10/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!