Comic Book Madness: The ultimate 32-team superheroes and villains bracket

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March is the official month of brackets and single-elimination tournaments. We at For The Win have a healthy appreciation for both. We also have a certain amount of affection for superheroes and supervillains. We debate over the Marvel and DC Comics universes, whether Batman’s greatest power is his exorbitant wealth or ability to take a punch, and ultimately who is the greatest character of them all.

To settle that last question, we need your help. We’ve set up a 32-character bracket, as part of Bracket Madness month, and each day you can vote for your favorite character to advance to the next round. Votes will be tallied at midnight eastern time, and the winning character will advance to the next round.

We’ve broken our tournament into a heroes half and a villains half, with the top character from each battling in a final showdown.

Voting for the First Round…

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