Avengers World #1

Avengers Wolrd #1

Written by: Jonathen Hickman, Nick Spencer 

Art by: Stefano Caselli

Cover by: John Cassaday

Released: January 8, 2014

After the events of Infinity the Avengers are back from the stars and on earth protecting the world they love. New threats have risen and the stakes have never been higher. The Avengers must unite once again to defeat the commen threats the world offers. Jonathen Hickman and Nick Spencer are back together making more Avengers Series. This issue was a very strong start to the new series it gave us an introduction of how big the villains will be in this series and establishing the series. Hickman and Spencer are always making good issue so I’m very excited to keep on reading and I know for a fact that this Series will be good. The art work done by Caselli is amazing he makes everything look just so great and real. He never lets us down. I would give this issue a solid 9/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on Marvaling!!