Infinity: Mighty Avengers #1

Infinity: Mighty Avengers #1

Written by: Al Ewing 

Art by: Greg Land 

Cover by: Greg Land 

Released: September 11, 2013 

It’s not uncommon for Marvel to use a major event comic as a springboard to launch an ongoing series. It worked pretty well for Matt Fraction and Ariel Olivetti’s Punisher: War Journal and Daniel Way and Paco Medina’s Deadpool, both of which lasted for years after their respective events had wrapped up. As long as a series can establish its own sense of identity and voice amid all the crossover shenanigans and spectacle, what’s the harm? Mighty Avengers is the latest ongoing series to see the same treatment. This newest Avengers squad assembles just in time to dive into the events of Infinity and square off with Thanos’ Black Order. And even though it seems like this industry needs another Avengers comic like Batman needs another dead Robin, Mighty does manage to establish that voice and identity in its first issue. This issue wasn’t that exciting. I would rate this book a 7/10 that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!