Infinity: Avengers #20

Infinity: Avengers #20

Written by: Jonathen Hickman 

Art by: Leinil Francis Yu

Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu 

Released: September 25, 2013

About half of this issue is dedicated to the Ex Nihilo/Abyss subplot. I was excited to see what happens with them and what their next move would be. From what I understood I believe they are turning against the builders. 

 it seemed strange for the Alephs to go down with a single hit when at the beginning of this series it took the whole team to bring down just one. But Leinil Francis Yu draws the action so well that it’s hard to complain. His imagery reeks of sci-fi epicness, making it a perfect fit for the likes of the muscular Gladiator, the giant Jabba the Hutt head that is the Supreme Intelligence, and the gathering of the Gardeners. With that being said I would rate this book a 8/10 that’s all for now and as always keep on marveling!