Age of Ultron #7

Age of Ultron #7

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by: Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson 

Released: May 1, 2013 

The only way they can defeat Ultron is to never make him so Wolverine and Sue go back in time and kill Hank Pym. They time travel back to the present only to find an alternative universe but is it better or worse than the one before? In this issue we see another virsion of the defenders and how the universe would be without Hank Pym I would say it’s kinda wierd to name a series Age of Ultron only to not have him in the series but we will see what happens 

The visuals are still solid, at least. This issue continues the approach of Carlos Pacheco rendering the Bronze Age-era past setting, while Brandon Peterson now handles the alternate present. Peterson’s work still suffers from the occasional bogus facial work, but otherwise his style suits the slightly sinister and tech-infused setting. Pacheco’s pages are top-notch, particularly thanks to the intentionally muted colors, and it’s a shame he only handles a handful of pages this week.