Age of Ultron #6

Age of Ultron #6

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by: Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson

Released: April 17, 2013

Captain America and the heroes take the fight to Ultron? Was this a good choice? They are nearly broken but that won’t stop them. Meanwhile Wolverine goes to the past and Sue Storm tags along. Wolverine must make a decision that will impact the entire marvel Universe. Wolverine has to kill Hank Pym so then he never creates Ultron. Does wolverine kill him? Or does he have another plan? Or does Sue stop him from killing him? Read and find out! This issue was really good. It got into action right away. I also liked how sue was going to go with captain America but last minute bails on them and she goes with wolverine because she knows it’s the only way to stop this nonsense. The art work was amazing too. I would rate this issue a 8.5/10 that’s for all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!