Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel #1

Written by: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by: David Lopez 

Cover by: David Lopez 

Released: March 12, 2014 

Captain Marvel A.K.A Carol Danvers must make a decision that will change her life. This issue of Captain Marvel was alright I wouldn’t say it was amazing. There was little to none action and it was very chatty. We do get to see Iron Patriot and Iron man so that’s a plus. We also see Carols love life with Rhodey. She also decides that she will go to space for about a year. Nothing big really happens in this issue. I love the artwork. I love when David Lopez draws because you know it’s going to be good. With that being said I would rate this book a 6.8/10 I hope the next issue is better and as always keep on marveling!