Ant-Man #3

Ant-Man #3

Written by: Nick Spencer 

Art by: Ramon Rosanas 

Cover by: Mark Brooks 

Released: March 11, 2015

Ant-Man will have to face off one of his deadliest enemys. The mercenary Taskmaster. Wait is Taskmasker really Ant-Mans arch enemy? Who knows?? You will have to read to find out. This book is really good! Just like the other issue. They just get better and better. There is everything you would want in a book!! Humor, action, thrill the whole nine yards. Taskmaster is actually not the real villain in this issue. The real villion is Augustine Cross, that’s right the son of Cross. In this issue we also get to see the relationship with Scott and his daughter. Now that we are talking about his daughter I can bring up my next point which is, she gets captured and kidnapped by some mysterious guy. The art work in this book is just phenomenal and really good. The fight between Ant-Man and Taskmaster is beyond good. I would rate this book at a 8.8/10 and for a bonus here is a part from the book 

that’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling.