Age Of Ultron #5

Age Of Ultron #5

Written by: Brian Micheal Bendis 

Art by: Bryan Hitch 

Released: April 10, 2013 

The super heroes that are still alive from the Ultron apocalypse head to savage land for some protection. When they get there they find out that Fury is there too. They make some plans to go and attack Ultron but they don know for sure if he’s at the location they think he’s in. Half the team goes and the other half stays. On the other hand Wolverine has some plans of his own. He wants to go back in time and kill Hank Pym so then he never creates Ultron. Will this choice be successful? This choice will change the entire marvel universe. I thought this issue was really good! It was easy to understand and the art work is just amazing. I would rate this issue a 8.2/10. Thats it for this issue and as always keep on marveling!