Legendary Star-Lord #1

Written by: Sam Humphries 

Art by: Paco Medina 

Cover by: Steve McNiven 

Released: July 2, 2014 

This issue was pretty good considering that it only has Star-Lord and none of his buddy’s. This issue starts off by some Badoons trying to take the Mandalay Gem that was hiden in an orphanage and capture Peter for a bounty set by Mr. Knife. Peter gets captured by the Badoons and gets put in jail. Even in jail Peter has a way with the ladies. He even has time to call his girlfriend Kitty. Peter manages to escape from jail with the Mandalay Gem and goes back to the orphanage and gives up all his saved up money to them. He gets into his spaceship and right when he’s about to leave Captain Victoria shows up telling Peter that she wants to take him into custody. She also states that she is the daughter of J-Son. It’s at this point that Peter realizes that he had a sister! Can we all just take a deep breath and just say that the artwork done by Paco is just amazing! The way he puts so much detail in each shot it just amazing. I thougt this was a very good start to this series so I would rate it a 7.8/10 what did you think about it? Do you like Star-Lord? That’s all for this issue and as always keep on marveling!