Infinity: Thunderbolts #14

Thunderbolts #14

Written by: Charles Soule

Art by: Jefte Palo 

Released: August 21, 2013 

in this issue we have the the Thunderbolts! But sadly they are the new thunderbolts which include Red-Hulk, (General Ross) Deadpool, (Wade Willson) Electra, Venom, Red Leader, Mercy and The Punisher (Frank Castle) which is quite interesting because he does not play well with others and he usually works alone. especially because he’s the one calling the shots in this issue. Personally I like the older thunderbolts the one with Zemo as the leader. What is your favorite thunderbolt team? 

The Plot of this book is that Frank needs some help taking down the mafia run by a family called The Paguros but he can’t do it alone. if he attacks this family every gang in New York City would try to kill him. Lucky for him the avengers are in space. A few things that I didn’t like about this issue is that the team is the new Thunderblots. I also didn’t like the fact that Red-Hulk only fights one time through out the whole issue and the rest of the time General Ross is just a normal man. Another thing I didn’t like is that the whole issue is about Frank telling the team who the Paguros are. Now some things I did like was that the issue opens up with a fight although it was the only fight in the whole issue it was still a pretty good shot it grabbed my attention right away and hooked me into the book. Deadpool was funny as usual. Although this issue was very chatty it didn’t get me bored I actually stayed tuned to the issue so that was good. What do you think about the new thunderbolts? Did you like this book? In all I give it a 7.2/10. Thats all for now and as always keep on marveling!